September 15, 2019

Nevada Casinos See Gambling Revenue Decrease For May

The state of Nevada has enjoyed a longstanding domination in the casino gambling industry. Up until a few years ago, they had a monopoly in the world on casino gambling. That has now changed.

Not only has Macau passed Las Vegas in gambling revenue, but states within the U.S. are changing their laws, and are expanding their casino gambling options. That is leaving people with choices on where they want to spend their gambling dollars.

That choice is beginning to be other casinos outside of Nevada. The Nevada Gaming Control Board released their April revenue numbers, and they were once again below last year. The state revealed a 5.1 percent decrease in the numbers from the same time last year.

On the Las Vegas Strip, where the majority of the gambling revenue comes from, their revenue numbers were down 1.3 percent. They won $524.1 million. Casinos in the state brought in just over $1 billion in revenue for the year.

Nevada’s numbers come on the heels of Atlantic City announcing their revenue numbers. They were up several percent from last year. That was welcomed good news for casinos in Atlantic City who have been having a rough time of it lately.

Nevada casinos have been trying to whether the storm much like casinos in other ares of the country. The economy has put a damper on all industry’s, and casinos have not been exempt from those problems so far this year.

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