September 15, 2019

New Casino Plan Leak Has Mayor Threatening A Defamation Lawsuit

Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke is not happy with a recent report that he leaked information. The info was about an apparent casino plan that Liberal Party Mayoral candidate Tom Tate was behind.

A newspaper reported a story of how Tate was behind a boutique casino in Surfers Paradise. Clarke was accused of leaking the information about the casino in an effort to advance his political campaign.

Clarke has come out harshly against the allegations. He has even threatened a lawsuit if Tate does not come out and apologize to him.

“I never, ever released any details whatsoever about the application. It’s so defamatory, I’m just stuck for words,” said Clarke.

He still feels he has a good chance at winning the election, but he is not happy that it has turned into an ugly battle. He is expecting an apology from Tate, “but if I don’t get one then I reserve my rights,” he said. The rights he was referring to were his legal right to sue for defamation.

City Pacific was the developer that has proposed the additional casino as part of a redevelopment plan for the Surfers Paradise Transit Centre.

Job Fair in Battle Creek Already Showing Benefits of New Casino

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Battle Creek is getting a new casino. The area is getting ready to begin building the casino. Many jobs will be available to help the construction of the casino.

Casinos have often come under fire for the negative effects it can have on a community. Tuesday, in Battle Creek, however, was about the right that casinos do to a community.

Of the over 1,500 people that attended the job fair, only 700 construction workers will be needed. that is not to say that they all will be on site at the same time, but they will be needed throughout the process.

“There’s a big emphasis on past construction experience but we’re seeing past experience is everything under the sun. we have some pretty skilled people,” said Duane Wixson, the Senior Project Manager for Clark Construction Company.

The temporary jobs will bring comfort to hundreds of families in these trying economic times of the American economy. Too often, opponents of casinos will point out the negatives to bringing a casino to an area. The job fair Tuesday, however, shows just a small portion of the good a casino can bring.

The FireKeepers Casino will begin to be constructed later this yea

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