September 15, 2019

New Gambling Card In Australia Aimed At Setting Betting Limits

The country of Australia is taking a pro-active approach to help people who may be in danger of having a gambling problem. They are unveiling a plan that would utilize cards with spending limits in their poker machines.

Poker machines are a popular choice of gambling in South Australia. They are legal in pubs and people can be found playing the games at all hours while the pubs are open.

The government has come up with an idea that they will be trying out next month. They will be issuing cards that can be preset with amounts that a person can spend in a day. The amounts would be predetermined by the player.

“I’d reinforce the point it’s a tool for all gamblers-it’s not necessarily a tool for people who have problems with their gambling. It’s a tool that can be used by all gamblers to pre-commitment and set limits on their expenditure and it’s certainly a trial worth undertaking here in South Australia,” said SA Gambling Minister Paul Caica.

The company that operates J-Card will be the same company that will be running the trial. The people that use the card will be setting their limits, then when they reach those limits they will be alerted.

Mayor Turns Away Slot Machine Gambling In Arizona Airports

Airport slot machine gambling was supposed to be a way to increase revenue in the state of Arizona. It turns out that they will have to find another way to help out a struggling budget.

The Mayor of Phoenix was pushing to legalize slot machines at Sky Harbor International Airport. After coming up with the idea, he quickly changed his tune on Wednesday and decided not to pursue the issue.

Tribal leaders had expressed concern that slot machines in the airport could lead to expanded gambling in racetracks and bars. The Mayor agreed that bringing slot machines to the airport would possibly jeopardize what they have going with the tribes.

“Our partners have expressed significant concerns,” said Mayor Phil Gordon. He still believes he will find alternative ways to increase revenue. “A lot of these ideas will be rejected, but a lot of them, I hope, will be able to be adopted.”

The casino gambling topic is a tricky one in Arizona. The state is allowed to have casinos under a compact voted on in 2002. If, however, gambling was allowed at the airport, it could void the compact.


The compact currently calls for a limit on the number of casinos that could be opened by Indian tribes. It also limits the amounts of games they can offer. A breach of the compact could mean that the rules would no longer apply.

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