September 15, 2019

New Hampshire Lottery Hits All Time High in Revenue

New Hampshire has introduced a new instant lottery ticket as previously reported on CGW. The new ticket comes after learning that the state has set a new record for revenue from the lottery last year.

The state lottery watched its revenue jump last year to $264 million. That number was the highest ever for the state. The projections are that the number will grow even higher in the years to come.

The new $30 lottery scratch off ticket that has recently been introduced is the reason for optimism of the revenue number going higher in future years. opponents of the new ticket, however, are quick to point out the dangerous market that is being targeted.

They feel that people that come from lower income households will be the main people that will be purchasing the new tickets. Evidence points in the opposite direction, however, from what they believe.

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission claims that in last years figures, they found that people who played the lottery the most had incomes between $30,000 and $59,000.

Instant ticket sales dwarf that of any other forms of the lottery in the state. Last year, seventy one percent of all lottery sales were from instant tickets. That creates the optimism from the new $30 ticket.

Yarmouth Prepares For Opening of Multi Million Palace Casino

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The Palace Casino has been in the making for several years. This week marks the culmination of all the hard work that went into building the multi million pound casino.

Yarmouth will be the site of what is expected to be a lavish casino. It is expected to attract 75,000 visitors a year. Palace Bingo is already up and running, but there is little doubt that its new neighbor, Palace Casino, will become the main draw.

Yarmouth is trying to become a major casino destination. The addition of the new casino will put Yarmouth well on its way to that goal. Plans are already in the works for several resort casinos in the area.

Seventy jobs will be opened up when the new casino opens its doors, and owner Patrick Duffy is pleased with his work in the town so far. “I have already shown I can deliver, investing nearly 1 million pounds in the town for every year I have been in business,” he said.

Not only is he opening the Palace Casino, but he already has plans on developing a seventy five bedroom hotel. The hotel will also have a conference center, shops, and five star suites. That is in addition to ten pin bowling and a multiplex cinema.

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